Reflection on Films and Women

Have we somehow created a silent code that if we are this type of woman, we surround ourselves only with entertainment and reading that means something?

Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries: TV Review

Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries provides an entertaining, intelligent, female-positive series that easily lends itself to binge watching.

Bomb Girls: TV Review

Bomb Girls is a Canadian show that aired initially in 2012, focusing on the women who worked in the arms factories during World War II.

A Short History of Women: Book Review

This is a must-read for any woman who has questioned the difference she can make, or guilt over not doing ‘enough’ to change the world.

Tiny Sunbirds, Far Away: Book Review

Blessing’s story is beautiful, tragic, and complete. The novel is a compelling tale of someone we believe could be real, even while we wish she couldn’t.

Half the Sky: A Book Review

Half the Sky is a must-read for all who want a better understanding of the very real, very deadly problems facing women and girls throughout the world.