Fiction Titles

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Short Story
"Canal Street"
Fuck Fiction
Flash Fiction
Cover "Where's My Tiara?"

Where's My Tiara?

"Where's My Tiara? is a collection of short stories by various authors, written by women of all different backgrounds, beliefs, sexual orientation and more. Each story, in its own way, defines who we are as women. It defines womanhood to its core. The stories are profound, deep, insightful, sometimes humorous and always very poignant. A wonderful collection celebrating the depth and sincerity of being a woman."

Emily-Jane Hills Orford, award-winning author of the It Happened in Canada series, The Piccadilly Street Series, and many more

Nonfiction and Journalism

Title Publication Genre Publication Date
The Flame, WG-USA
"USVI Hurricane Recovery and Resilience Task Force Report"
Bloomberg Philanthropies and Community Foundation of the Virgin Islands (CFVI)
The Flame, WG-USA
"Hit Makers and Rum Shakers May Be Biggest Yet"
VI Source (St. Thomas Source)

Praise for Dr. Grantham's Work

The enchanting "Lyra of the Blue Eyes" by Brianna Grantham is a Caribbean fairytale. Lyra is the daughter of a long line of witches cast out by her father from the village...I could not have enjoyed this story more.

Brianna Grantham shows how the visionary leader as visionary teacher can continue to provide a first step to intellectual empowerment for the politically, economically, and culturally oppressed by teaching in both the standard dialect and the students’ own local dialect: Grantham illustrates the “bridge” that the visionary leader must be to give disempowered students access to the mainstream culture and potential empowerment within that culture.