About Dr. Grantham

Brianna J. Grantham, PhD immediately after her PhD graduation, in full cap and gown

Pronouns: She/Her


After living on St. Thomas, U.S. Virgin Islands for five years, Brianna relocated to Seattle, WA in 2015. In the spirit of civilization and maturity, Brianna rejoined the corporate world as a proposal and marketing writer for a technology solutions company until late 2015. She left the corporate world in order to focus her time and energy on completing her doctoral work and relaunch her consulting business.


Brianna graduated with her PhD in English Literature and Creative Writing from the University of Birmingham in July 2017. Her dissertation cum novel is an exploration of writing about women, particularly their anger, its roots and its expression. She holds her M.A. in Liberal Arts from St. John’s College (Annapolis) and her B.A. in Communication Studies from Florida Gulf Coast University, where she also minored in Spanish, Philosophy, and Interdisciplinary Studies, and graduated Magna Cum Laude.

Research Interests

Brianna’s research interests include feminist theory in literature, teaching Standard English composition to English-dialect speakers, bridging culture gaps between texts and students, bridging the communication divide between professors and students, teaching composition using novels, and inclusive, student-focused, pedagogy for teaching English composition and literature.

Brianna presenting at 2017 Graduate Women International Triennial Conference in Cape Town, South Africa

Values-Based Marketing

Dr. Grantham started BJG Consulting, LLC in 2008 as a copywriting and editing service. Over the last decade and a half, BJG Consulting has expanded and focused on Values-Based Marketing Consulting and Business practices.


As an extension of her consultancy, Dr. Grantham launched My Marketing University in 2021. My Marketing University (MMU) takes a unique approach to making marketing more accessible for businesses of all sizes and stages. MMU offers Group Marketing Coaching for business owners, as well as live and on-demand workshops, marketing courses and books, and free resources.

Brianna wearing an aviation headset in the backseat of a helicopter

Following Dr. Grantham

While she taught, Dr. Grantham also blogged haphazardly on her efforts to steer away from the traditional lecture on “Losing the Lecture.” Since leaving teaching, life has kept her from blogging responsibly. Despite declaring herself reformed, her ventures back into the blogosphere are inconsistent and unpredictable. You’ll have better luck finding her chronicled adventures and thoughts on Instagram or LinkedIn.